Breathe New Life Into Your Favorite Sunglasses

With Tajima Direct, you can upgrade and extend the life of your glasses.

tajima direct polarized lenses
Tajima Direct

There is no worse feeling than realizing your favorite sunglasses have run their course, but now with Tajima Direct, you can make your old favorites feel brand new again. California-based Tajima Direct provides premium polarized replacement lenses for a large collection of popular frames at a fraction of the cost of a new pair, so you don't have to throw glasses away or buy a new pair when they get beat up. Each set of Tajima's patented urethane replacement lenses are shatter- and impact-resistant, lightweight and offer high-quality optics, making them the ideal lens for all your outdoor adventures — whether you're hiking, running, fishing or simply enjoying a walk on the beach. And if you have a pair of prescription frames that have seen better days, Tajima has a solution for that, too. The brand offers premium prescription lens replacements with its digital prescription lens technology, which are fabricated in its lab in southern California — each makes use of its polarized Tajima Urethane lens technology. But if you need other types of prescription lenses, Tajima Direct also offers Rx Clear and Transitions lenses. For a sustainable option that doesn't sacrifice on performance, Tajima Direct's replacement lenses are worth a shop.


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