A Color-Changing Sweatshirt Designed to Outlast You

Durable fabric that changes color in the sun.

You’ve heard about durable fabric before; brands have been incorporating Dyneema into motorcycle apparel for years for added abrasion resistance. But have you ever heard of color-changing durable fabric? Vollebak’s 100 Year Hoodie features this material, a soft and breathable 100 percent Kevlar fleece. It’s highly resistant to rips and abrasion, and it’s also able to withstand extreme temperatures. The designers at Vollebak opted to leave the fabric undyed, showcasing the fiber’s pale yellow hue, but due to the nature of the material, when it’s exposed to sunlight it will darken, giving the garment an aged look within days. Different shades, marks and lines will appear over time, giving the garment a wholly unique appearance. This hoodie will stand the test of time, and its appearance will reflect every passing year.

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