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Your Next T-Shirt Should Be Naturally Dyed

For a truly one-of-a-kind look, go natural with shirts from Industry of All Nations, Dr. Collectors, The Lost Explorer and more.

Henry Phillips

Whereas most tees are colored with synthetic dyes, the natural alternative is often hand dyed, resulting in unique variations between garments. Natural dyes can be made from tree bark, grass, roots, leaves and flower petals, among other things, resulting in a wide range of hues. The complexity of a natural dye changes depending on the types of fabrics used in the dying process. What’s more, unlike synthetic dyes, natural dyes fade more quickly over time, changing as you wash and wear a garment. A natural-dyed tee is unique from the first wear, and will transform over time as a reflection of your lifestyle.

Industry of All Nations


Dyed With: acacia
Fabric: organic cotton

Buy Now: $48

Dr. Collectors


Dyed With: indigo
Fabric: cotton

Buy Now: $79

Goodlife x American Trench


Dyed With: alum, madder, and quebracho rojo
Fabric: American-grown Supima cotton and modal

Buy Now: $65

The Lost Explorer


Dyed With: indigo
Fabric: organic hemp and organic cotton

Buy Now: $75



Dyed With: indigo
Fabric: organic cotton

Buy Now: $49

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