This Vest Was Designed for Your Winter Workouts

The Weather Vest from On provides protection without restriction.

on running vest

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On Weather Vest

Finding gear that is durable enough to keep you comfortable when you're getting a workout in during inclement weather, but that is still light enough to not weigh you down, is not a simple task. Thankfully, the Weather Vest from On was designed exactly for this conundrum. Made with durable and lightweight materials, this vest was crafted to protect not restrict. Whether you find the skies opening up on the trail or a gust of wind blowing in while running along the water, this vest has you covered. Mother nature is not always reliable, but the Weather Vest is.

on running vest
on running vest


Made with featherweight Japanese stretch fabrics, this vest combines comfort with performance. The fitted design ensures that the vest keeps you protected on your run without weighing you down.


With a water-repellent coating on the front, you will be always prepared for unexpected rain. Plus, the waterproof-zippered pockets will keep your valuables secure and dry.


Reflective elements come to light after dark so you will stay safe and seen while crushing your nighttime miles.

Price: $140


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