This Cooling Underwear Is the Ultimate Summer Accessory

Shinesty's underwear has triple Chill Effect® which means the cooling underwear is hyper wicking, has enhanced cooling fibers, and is performance drying.

paradice™ cooling underwear

Shinesty's mission is to keep you cool, calm and collected, whether you are sweating from being active, nervous or simply going about a damper-than-usual day. To ensure you keep your cool this summer, check out the paradICE™ Cooling Underwear. The secret behind the paradICE™ cooling properties is the Triple Chill Effect® technology: these underwear are hyper wicking, have enhanced cooling fibers and dry rapidly. They stand out from the competition thanks to the groundbreaking technology used in the brrr°® Pro micro-cooling fabric, which is guaranteed to lower your skin’s temperature immediately and continuously while being worn. Plus, Shinesty has created not only cooling Boxer Briefs but Thongs and Bralettes. Check out the full cooling collection below.

Price: $25+


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