A New Alternative to Flip Flops: Meet The Link Flip-Shoe

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When summer hits, most people want a lightweight, breathable shoe. However, no matter how many weeks you spend searching, or carefully curating your shoe rack, many (sunscreened) moments simply require a pair of flip flops. That’s why the team at Link has developed what they consider a true alternative to flip flops.

Their new Flip-Shoe promises all the convenience of traditional flip flops, without any friction from the usual strap. Plus, with added arch support and greater foot protection, the brand believes the Flip-Shoe actually offers users a more versatile piece of footwear. Equipped for everything from lawn-mowing to yoga class, could these unique sandals really be the best alternative to flip flops?

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The Backstory

A Small Startup Built Entirely Around Creating an Alternative to Flip Flops

Link first launched its Flip-Shoe on Indie GoGo in 2019, where it managed to raise $109,122 from 1,229 backers. Since then, the shoes have won a suite of prizes (like Gold in Outdoor and Category Winner in Unisex) from the Global Footwear Awards, yet the company remains relatively unknown. It calls the Flip a, “new species of shoes” and anyone wearing a pair is bound to elicit their fair share of double takes.

To this day, the Flip-Shoe is the only product in the brand’s catalog. With no signs of expanding, Link seems to be betting it all on this one, unconventional format that boasts a long list of possible use-cases for its shoes (like yoga, cycling or shopping). Nevertheless, the shoes have still seen reviews on small sites and in larger publications like Newsweek, and seem to promise all the shock-value of the early 2000s Vibram FiveFingers.

The Gist

The Flip-Shoe is Built to Offer Breathable, Wraparound Foot Protection

The main ideas the Link team really emphasizes are that its Flip-Shoes offer better protection than flip flops, and will leave your feet less sweaty. By combining the “ease and structure of a flip flop” with “the sole of a shoe,” Link is able to offer users extra arch support as well as wraparound protection. Once on, the shoes gently grip and cradle the lower part of the foot. The team also claims that its Flip-Shoe will be a welcome reprieve for those who hate how flip-flops give them ‘sweaty feet,’ promising that the shoes protect against both slippery sweat and external wet, slippery conditions.

Each pair is available in three colors and 11 distinct sizes, but users must follow a step-by-step video explaining how to measure their feet to find their preferred sizing. While again, strange, this process ensures that the shoes offer unisex sizing and wrap correctly around one’s feet.


The Flip-Shoe is a Great Waterfront, House and Light Task Shoe

Ultimately, the Flip-Shoe seems best equipped for light tasks and waterfront chilling. The team’s ample claims that the shoes promise extra protection in slippery conditions position them as great swimming pool or lake shoes; while unisex sizing keeps them an easy option for both men and women. Their breathable design also sets them up to be great lawn mowing shoes or a good stand-in for your usual yoga mat shoe, but previous reviewers have warned against using them for more intense exercise (like running).

More than anything, the Flip-Shoe seems ready to shock and awe. So if you’re looking for a unique vacation sandal – or a strange, futuristic house shoe – these summer shoes could be exactly what you’re looking for. Currently on sale for $89, secure a pair today to stay ahead of the trend.

Price: $89


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