This Silver Pendant Necklace Is Made for Pickle Lovers

A limited-edition collaboration between Grillo's and Good Art HLYWD yields a playful pendant with a matching necklace.

a ball chain necklace with a pickle pendant and pickle clasp
Good Art

Pickles are a special food. The preserved cucumbers – either submerged in vinegar or brine — have been made for thousands of years and people are obsessed with the countless varieties. Case in point: the city of Pittsburgh holds a pickle festival in July aptly named Picklesburgh, and there's even a day devoted to the sour snack. While November 14 — National Pickle Day — may just be a reminder for many to pick up a jar of kosher dills on the way home from work, it can also be a chance to truly celebrate the humble food.

To do just that, the team at Massachusetts-based all-natural, refrigerated pickle brand Grillo's Pickles has teamed up with Good Art HLYWD, a Los Angeles jewelry brand known for its superlative silver work, to create a limited edition sterling silver pickle pendant.

The Grillo's Pickles mascot — complete with baseball cap and sunglasses skillfully rendered in silver — is complemented with a ball chain necklace with a matching pickle chain connector. The pendant and necklace retail for $525 and $425 respectively.

Along with crafting fine jewelry, Good Art is known for elevating everyday objects, giving the mundane a luxurious touch. Lighters, clips, keychains, combs and even ChapStick lids have been thoughtfully redesigned and reimagined in precious materials with the purpose to bring joy beyond their function.

"I found Grillo's Pickles around 2017, looking for a natural pickle with no sugar or weird stuff added," said Good Art founder Josh Warner in a statement. "They really are the best pickles, love at first bite, and all that. What’s really killer was recently finding out I was one good friend away from the maestro who ran the world's best pickle company."

After being introduced to Eddie Andre, senior brand manager at Grillo's, the two decided on the limited-release necklace and pendant for the true pickleheads and fans of Grillo's. While this isn't the first collaboration for the pickle brand (Grillo's has worked with Ebbets Field, Utz and Dee + Ricky, among others), this is the brand's most prominent foray into the luxury space.

As trends in the luxury space have gravitated towards the unique and personalized in recent years, unconventional collaborations have become a way for people to proudly showcase their interests. So if you're a lover of pickles — especially Grillo's — and are interested in a truly unique way to incorporate that into your daily wear, don't miss out on this collab.

Good Art X Grillos Pickles Pendant

Good Art X Grillos Pickles Necklace

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