These Organic Cotton Shirts Are Both Good-Looking and Eco-Friendly

Button-ups, T-shirts, polos and more.


California-based Toad&Co offers a range of organic cotton shirts that are both sharp and a friend to the environment. In fact, producing environmentally-conscious clothes are part of Toad&Co’s longtime brand DNA. It’s a no-brainer to start buying organic cotton whenever possible. While 16 percent of the world’s insecticides and 7 percent of the world’s pesticides are attributed to growing conventional cotton, the organic alternative is free of toxic chemicals. Compared to conventional cotton, growing organic cotton also uses 71 percent less water and 62 percent less energy. Toad&Co’s collection offers something for everybody including button-ups, T-shirts, and polos, such as the Fletch Print and the Smythy. This is a positive change you don’t have to think twice about.

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