Five Ways to Upgrade Your Everyday Carry

Our EDC kits take the most abuse and weather the most wear.


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Everyday carry items say a lot about who we are. But from the most pared-down, minimalist designs to the boldest our EDC kits are also the ones that take the most abuse and get the most wear and tear. So, we put together a short list of EDC upgrades from brands that are making some of the most thoughtfully-designed and well-built products you can find on the market today. From proprietary materials to patented designs and manufacturing techniques, these products should be on your EDC upgrade list.

The James Brand Chapter

Ryan Coulter, founder of The James Brand, designed this folding knife when his search for the perfect EDC blade came up empty. The Chapter has clean lines, a simple functional blade and minimal moving parts for easy maintenance. It features a titanium handle, Crucible stainless steel blade and ceramic bearings. It’s a practical — not tactical — folding knife imbued with a design language that has become the rubric for the entire brand.

Inventery Bolt Action Pen

The Bolt Action Pen is Inventery’s answer to the temporary and disposable stylus. It is precision machined from raw brass stock using a single tungsten blade and outfitted with a carefully considered and high-quality internal mechanism that, unlike other bolt contraptions, offers a seamless and satisfying trigger and release action. It comes in three sizes and three distinct finishes to match every EDC style.

Pioneer Carry Ion Wallet

Pioneer Carry wallets are constructed with the care you find in a luxury leather wallet in a trademark 10XD ripstop nylon that’s ten times stronger per weight than steel. The Ion is Pioneer’s slimmest folding design with room for essential cards and a small wad of cash; an elegant, eye-catching alternative to a humdrum wallet.

Muyshondt Aeon MK III S2

Each Muyshondt Electric Torch cut by machine, meticulously finished and hand assembled. Inside, the torches feature heatsinks made of solid copper which are then polished before begin gold plated, a process that creates a superlative thermal juncture to the copper core LED board. The Aeon MK III is a great everyday carry choice, packing ample punch while being small enough for a pants pocket.

Craighill Closed Helix Keychain

This Closed Helix keyring from Craighill takes key-carry up a notch with a simple but elegant helix shape. The handmade ring features a wire core with turned, knurled endcaps that breaks the monotony of boring rings and overcooked carabiners. Simply unscrew the knurled side to add or remove keys.

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