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Tumi Tegra-Lite

Smooth and Ready

Travel enough and you come to appreciate the advantages of hard-shell luggage. Their no-nonsense design, impact-resistance and durability go hand-in-hand with the frequent traveler routine. The problem is, hard-shell cases often weigh more than their soft-shelled counterparts. Tumi aims to change all that with their new line of Tegra-Lite ($595-$795) luggage.

Made from an armor-like material called Tegris developed by Milliken for military use — always a good place to start — the polypropylene thermoplastic composite material is 15x stronger than other composites while weighing remarkably less. With exclusive rights to the material for travel, Tumi has fabricated a line of two and four-wheeled carry-ons boasting heavyweight strength in a featherweight body. Your luggage may never need to stand up to the hot end of a Beretta, or disgruntled baggage handler, but it’s nice knowing it can.

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