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7 Things Designer John Moore Is on the Hunt for Right Now

A vintage Donald Judd table, a reusable cup, a planet-friendly Bronco and more.

Chase Pellerin

Editor’s Note: Welcome to In My Cart, a regular series in which we ask some of the coolest guys we know what they’ve recently acquired, are thinking about buying, or need to buy more of — but for whatever reason don’t have in hand just yet. This week Outerknown co-founder John Moore.

Outerknown’s debut collection — which hit shelves in fall 2015 — heralded a new approach to sustainability in the clothing industry. While many men’s brands had approached ethical and sustainable garments before, Outerknown successfully prioritized these methods across its range of stylish wardrobe essentials. Co-founded by pro-surfer Kelly Slater and respected designer John Moore, the mission of the brand wasn’t a stretch. “Surfers are, by nature, environmentalists,” Moore told us in 2016.

Since then, Moore has been quite busy. He participated in the inaugural Levi Strass & Co. “Collaboratory” in 2016 and launched a clothing collaboration with Levi’s Wellthread program in 2017. Also in 2017, he founded a multi-disciplinary design studio called Group Efforts with clients including Firewire Surfboards, Jerde, and Kelly Slater Wave Co., among others.

Notably, in March 2019, Moore expanded Outerknown’s offerings to include women’s clothing. “Just like in men’s, our mission of making the decisions with the highest regard for people and planet was woven throughout every decision while creating women’s,” he said. “The best part is every single item is made in a planet-friendly, preferred fiber.” And in May, another first: Outerknown opened its first shop, the Outerspace, located in Culver City, Los Angeles.

Taking a moment out of his busy schedule, Moore recently shared a few of the items he’s currently had his eye on. From a reusable cup to a planet-friendly Bronco, the products point to man incredibly focused on beautifully designed, planet-friendly solutions. “Sustainably-minded shopping means you have to have a lot of patience,” Moore said. “Some of these items might be in my cart for a long time while their makers work out how to bring them to the market. And I’m going to assume that Gear Patrol is giving me some fun-money to play within these purchases, right?”

Zero Labs All-Electric Ford Bronco

“Clean mechanics with classically good looks! The idea of stepping into an early Bronco every day with a planet-friendly electric engine inside gets me so excited. I put my name on this waiting list, but I’m hearing rumors of a $250K price tag so I’ll also be waiting on my fun-money allowance from Gear Patrol.”

Learn More: Here

Adidas Futurecraft.Loop

“I’m actually a Nike or New Balance guy, but I want all the giant sneaker brands to get into the responsible innovation and materials game, so I’m talking about this fully recyclable shoe from Adidas while it’s still a ways out.”

Learn More: Here

Outerknown Salty Sweatshirt

“Earlier this year, we made a fair trade certified usa-grown Supima cotton sweatshirt called the stowaway at Outerknown. It’s a lighter weight than my usual sweats, and it’s become my favorite layer during this mild summer we’re having in California. I don’t usually wear graphics on my tops, but we made small run that just says ‘SALTY’ and I’m digging this right now.”

Buy Now: $108

Atelier & Repairs Braga Tuta

“I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how we re-use materials that already exist. Atelier & Repairs with Candiani Denim made this collaboration overall without raw cotton. It’s a 100-percent regenerated denim, a blend of recycled fibers including cotton from Candiani’s own mill. I’ve always been a big fan of designer Maurizio Donadi and his approach to design. The coveralls are a little trendy at the moment, and I’m not sure I can pull these off, but I was able to hear Maurizio and Alberto Candiani talk about this collaboration in person a few weeks ago, and I’m a sucker for a good story.”

Buy Now: $595

Donald Judd Furniture

“After dreaming about it for most of my life, I’m working on a house project with my girlfriend, and I hope at some point we can include something vintage by Donald Judd. A table or chair maybe. Until then, the inspiration will do just fine.”

Learn More: Here

Keep Cup Espresso

“We got rid of the straws and plastic bags a long time ago, but considering how much coffee we drink, it took me too long to find these. Recently I grabbed two Keep Cups which I take with me every morning for our quad latte and capucino. Dig these clean lines, black lid and cork detailing. Will be investing in a few more soon.”

Buy Now: $24

Outerknown Woolaroo Trunks

“Outerknown recently collaborated with Woolmark to bring the world’s first 100-percent Australian Merino wool boardshort to the market. This was four years in the making for us, but wool has been part of the surfing’s heritage since Duke Kahanamoku wore his woolen onesies in the early 1900s. I like my trunks cleaner, a little shorter and built with strength. These hit above the knee and have some serious guts. They get better the more you beat them up.”

Buy Now: $125

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