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12 Great Bucket Hats to Wear This Season

Whether it’s in a classic cotton twill, an indigo iteration or rip-resistant nylon, a bucket hat is a great way to top off a fit.


With summer in full swing, it’s hard to think of sunny days without bucket hats. Early on, however, the bucket hat was meant for more inclement weather. First seen on the heads of fishermen in the early 1900s, the bucket was originally embodied in woolen tweed fabrics which were naturally water-repellent. From there, the hat moved ashore as the Irish walking hat and became a staple piece of the country’s style through the mid-1900s.

Today, thanks to tropical military uniforms, bucket hats have more of a warm-weather connotation and are usually seen in a canvas or twill fabric. But like their predecessor, they still come with a wide, downward-sloping brim that spans the entire perimeter of the crown. Just as all bucket hats provide us with 360-degree coverage, we’ve rounded up a list of bucket hats from all angles.

Best Overall Bucket Hat: American Trench Corduroy Bucket Hat

Corduroy Bucket Hat
American Trench American Trench

Cut from 100-percent corduroy fabric made in New York, American Trench's bucket hat boasts very little branding and a super-soft, velvet-like, fine whale feel. It's nice enough to dress up, I'd argue.

Best Upgrade Bucket Hat: RRL by Ralph Lauren Daisy Mae Bucket Hat

Daisy Mae Bucket Hat
RRL Slam Jam

Although the style sounds like the name of a loan servicing company, RRL's Daisy Mae Bucket Hat is a garment-dyed, dark Indigo denim-linen option with hints of vintage and a modern fit.

Best Affordable Bucket Hat: Standard Cloth Shrunken Cotton Bucket Hat

Shrunken Cotton Bucket Hat
Standard Cloth Urban Outfitters

Another one size option (with a 22-inch circumference), Standard Cloth's shrunken cotton hat comes in seven colors, each with an unstructured crown, a wraparound seam at the brim and stitched in grommets for even better breathability.

Stüssy Jute Weave Bucket Hat

Jute Weave Bucket Hat
Stüssy End Clothing

Trust a surf brand to make one of the best bucket hats around. (Yes, it has since evolved into a streetwear giant, but look back at their roots!) Stüssy's Jute Weave one comes in two sizes, small/medium and large/x-large. It's sturdier, with a unique, almost burlap-like texture afforded by its weave.

Battenwear Reversible Bucket Hat

Reversible Bucket Hat
Battenwear End Clothing

Ever think to yourself, 'Oh, I wish I could turn this hat inside out?' No? Although it may seem like a ploy for someone on the run, Battenwear's nylon bucket hat is reversible for a reason: to be subtle on one side and to show off their Ikat pattern on the other. Plus, it packs down small enough to fit inside your pant pocket.

Wood Wood Nylon Bucket Hat

Nylon Bucket Hat
Wood Wood End Clothing

Wood Wood's lilac bucket hat almost looks sun-faded. (It's not.) This soft pastel accessory will shade you from the sun and exude an aura of easygoingness.

Carhartt WIP Black Gore-Tex Bucket Hat

Gore-Tex Infinium Line Bucket Hat
Carhartt WIP Ssense

This unisex Carhartt WIP bucket hat is built from Gore-Tex Infinium, a breathable performance fabric designed to protect against wind, rain or snow. This is a hard-wearing option for anyone wishing to walk in the rain.

Corridor Organic Cotton Bucket Hat

Recycled/Organic Cotton Bucket Hat
Corridor Corridor NYC

Turn to Corridor's iteration if you're seeking some sustainable. Each is made in Queens, New York from a blend of recycled poly and organic cotton — 65-percent to 35-percent, respectively. Scaled sizing promises a personalized fit.

Alltimers Broadway Bucket Hat

Broadway Bucket Hat
Alltimers End Clothing

Alltimers' Broadway bucket hat might not bestow you the talent to belt out numbers on a New York City show stage, but it'll give you the confidence to stroll down your main street in a sleek, albeit statement-making, accessory.

Adsum Daisy Bucket Hat

Daisy Bucket Hat
Adsum Adsum

Since we're recommending you wear bucket hats at the height of the year's hottest season, why not provide you with a white one. (White textiles absorb less visible light.) Adsum's Daisy — green name — number is made from 16S twill, aka super-soft cotton.

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