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12 Great Bucket Hats to Wear This Spring

Whether it’s in a classic cotton twill, an indigo iteration or a luxe lambskin, a bucket hat is a great way to top off a fit.


With the best season on the horizon, it’s hard not to think of sunny days without bucket hats. Early on, however, the bucket hat was meant for more inclement weather. First seen on the heads of fishermen in the early 1900s, the bucket hat was originally embodied in woolen tweed fabrics which were naturally water-repellent. From there, the hat moved ashore as the Irish walking hat and became a staple piece of the country’s style through the mid-1900s.

Today, thanks to tropical military uniforms, bucket hats have more of a warm-weather connotation and are usually seen in a canvas or twill fabric. But like their predecessor, they still come with a wide, downward-sloping brim that spans the entire perimeter of the crown. Just as all bucket hats provide us with 360-degree coverage, we’ve rounded up a list of bucket hats from all angles. Well, twelve angles anyway, each of which you can wear this spring.

The Hat Depot 300N Bucket Hat

A completely regular, completely cotton bucket hat in a complete range of colors (30, to be exact).

Buy Now: $10

Urban Outfitters Bucket Hat

The contrast stitching is so subtle, but makes all the difference. Urban Outfitter’s in-house bucket hat is sloped enough to give it a cool kid edge.

Buy Now: $19

Mont-Bell Stainless Mesh Hat

Mont-Bell is very clear in its description of this metal-coated hat, “it is NOT an effective means of reducing exposure to UV radiation.” But it is effectively a very cool hat, literally and figuratively.

Buy Now: $33

Patagonia Surf Brim Hat

You don’t have to know how to surf (or swim) to wear Patagonia’s wave-ready bucket. But you definitely could shred with it fully secured to your noggin.

Buy Now: $39

MKI Denim Bucket Hat

We couldn’t not include a denim bucket hat in this list. Sprinkle some ’90s garnish atop your fit with this denim patchwork bucket hat.

Buy Now: $55

Save Khaki Corduroy Bucket Hat

If you’re more of a corduroy stan, even through the warmer months, Save Khaki’s Corduroy Bucket Hat comes in several can’t-be-mad-at-that colors and is made right here in the States.

Buy Now: $70

18east x ArkAir Bucket Hat

Teaming together for a limited run of bucket hats is New York-based brand 18east and UK garment specialists ArkAir. This one uses an indigo-dyed Arjakh print to set it apart from the rest of the pack.

Buy Now: $75

Polo Ralph Lauren

Or if you’re a shameless ‘Lo Head, stay fully fitted with this Pony.

Buy Now: $80

Norse Projects Gore-tex Bucket Hat

Gore-tex lined for full waterproof-ness paired with reflective accents and a removable chin strap makes Norse Projects’ some sort of utilitarian triple threat. It also looks great.

Buy Now: $95

Engineered Garments Bucket Hat

Lauded New York label Engineered Garments produces its bucket hat every season in different fabrics using the same wonky, oblong shape that isn’t for the basic guy. The sculptural silhouette, cotton-nylon blend and classic check pattern make this one a perfect spring statement.

Buy Now: $108

Acne Studios Brun Cotton-Canvas Bucket Hat

Acne Studios’ entry into the hat is made with a sturdy cotton canvas that gives it more structure than the average bucket. The minimalist design and subtle branding is a low-key way to top off your outfit.

Buy Now: $150

Loewe Classic Bucket Hat

You can bet that this lambskin leather bucket hat won’t fly off your head, not because of the zippered brim, but because this one is $650 and you wouldn’t want to lose it.

Buy Now: $650

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