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17 New Style Releases We Can’t Stop Thinking About

This week’s roundup of style releases taught us that boat shoes are back, tie-dye blazers are a thing we want and Japanese outdoor clothes make us miss the outdoors even more.

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Can’t get enough good new stuff? Neither can we. In-between mugs of coffee and virtual meetings, we’re scraping the web, twenty tabs deep at minimum looking for the best new style releases of the week. From tie-dye suiting to insane tie-dye cashmere bathrobes to a whole lot of boat shoes, these are all our favorite releases of the week.

Needles 2B Jacket

When you’re a lowkey deadhead but still have to attend boardroom meetings.

Buy Now: ~$813

Snow Peak Hita Sandal

Is this it? The end-all home shoes we’ve been looking for?

Buy Now: $79

Noon Goons Velzy Camp Shirt

I miss the SoCal in the ’90s. Noon Goons does too.

Buy Now: $99

Calee Type II Old Japan Die Jacket

Frustration sets in because of how good this is.

Buy Now: $550

Wood Wood Mid-Season Drop

A Nascar-inspired mid-season release from Wood Wood that is good good.

Learn More: Here

Gap Relearn the Khaki Collection

The brand that made khakis cool is doing it again. Peep those wide-leg chinos while they’re on sale right now for just $24, before it’s too late.

Learn More: Here

Dr. Martens x Beams x Babylon 1460 Boots

Inspired by 1960s ska, this triple collab is set to drop on March 28.

Learn More: Here

Corridor Recess Runner

New York label Corridor just dropped its first-ever sneaker and they look pretty damn good.

Buy Now: $185

Universal Works x Sebago Portland Boat Shoes

Boat shoes somehow just look right with a kiltie. Who knew?

Learn More: Here

Knickerbocker SS20

NYC-based brand Knickerbocker doesn’t seem to do anything wrong.

Learn More: Here

Freenote Cloth Hawaiian Black Tigers

Custom Japanese fabric and Tiger King vibes makes this one of the most badass Hawaiian shirts you’ll come across.

Buy Now: $280

Iron Heart Loopwheel Hoodie

All cotton, zero side seams and sumo-weight fabric make this the last hoodie you’ll ever need.

Buy Now: $295

Adidas Americana Low Sneakers

Adidas took a peek into its archives and brought this back from the ’70s.

Buy Now: $80

Woolrich Outdoor Label SS20

We miss the great outdoors right now, especially so when Japanese-designed outfit Woolrich Outdoor Label just released its spring collection.

Learn More: Here

Arpenteur x Paraboot Safari Shoes

I’ll happily take my feet on a safari even if that’s not advisable at this current moment in time.

Buy Now: $395

Beams x L.L. Bean Boots

Should’ve called it L.L. Beams.

Buy Now: ~$200

Viberg Service Boot in Natural Olive Tan

The master bootmakers, at your service once again.

Buy Now: $690

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