This New Face Mask Filters Down to 0.1 Microns

The Curve Mask provides a premium breathing experience without compromising comfort or style all protecting against particulate matter down to 0.1 microns.


O2 Canada’s Curve Mask 1.2 provides a premium breathing experience without compromising comfort or style. And while comfort and style are important, so is the data behind it. The Curve filters out particulate matter down to 0.1 microns to create a mobile, personal and controlled breathing space that improves every breath you take. Plus, it’s outfitted with high-quality adjustable straps for simple usability and a medical-grade silicone seal (that’s a crucial distinction from other masks out there). That tight-fitting seal will even work for guys with facial hair. And don’t worry about filters, the Curve comes standard with a three-pack of electrostatic ones and is available in white, black, blue and red. The masks ship directly from the manufacturer with a one-year warranty.

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The CDC updates its guidelines and recommendations on masks regularly. To read the latest guidelines, click here.

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