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Our Staff’s Favorite Socks to Wear at Home

We might not be wearing many shoes at home these days, but we’re certainly pulling on some socks. Read on for all our favorites.


While our socks might not make it on our daily Zoom calls, they’re an essential part of every outfit — now more than ever. Since we’re (rarely) wearing shoes these days, and the heat in our buildings is still on due to blasphemous 40-degree lows, we’re most certainly pulling socks on. The constant sidekick to shoes is stepping into its starring role, and we couldn’t be more excited to geek out about where we got our pairs.

Anonymous Ism Go Hemp OC Crew

“I have seven pairs of these socks, not because they came in a seven-pack but because they’re just so good that I had to have one for every day of the week. They’re dense, but the hemp makes them breathable, and I like that they’re a natural white rather than an optic white.” — Gerald Ortiz, Staff Writer

BUY NOW: $25

United by Blue Alpine Ultimate Bison Sock

“You know those socks that have rubber dots on the bottom? I think those are pretty much the perfect thickness and softness, but I despise that the rubber dots mean the socks are more like slippers than socks. Stuffing those into shoes is a pain. These United by Blue socks are just as thick and warm and cozy, but sans rubber dots, which makes them loads better. The truth of the matter is no one likes the rubber dots — that means you can’t slide across your fake wooden floors in your 10 x 10 square foot apartment. And how else are you supposed to tamper down all your pent up quarantine energy?” — Meg Lappe, Editorial Coordinator

BUY NOW: $38

Dickies Steel Toe Moisture Control Socks

“I bought these to wear with boots during NYC’s gnarly winters, but I’ve been more than happy relegating them to my everyday socks to wear with slippers around the house. They’re light enough, breathable and, as is the Dickies way, affordable.” — Will Price, Home and Drinks Editor

BUY NOW: $12/2-Pack

American Trench Silver Crew Socks

“These are my go-to socks because they are instantly comfortable, have a padded footbed for wearing with boots or around the house. And, they are made with silver to keep your feet stink-free.” — Joe Tornatzky, Creative Director

BUY NOW: $16.50

Bombas Vintage Stripe Calf Sock

“Bombas have everything I want in a casual sock: they’re cushioned well in the right places, grip firmly but not tightly, never lose elasticity and they look great. I am slowly filling my sock drawer with different styles, starting with these vintage stripes – the merino calf socks are next, then ankle socks. Then some of the fun colorways. Then… maybe t-shirts? This may actually be a problem. Thanks for bringing it up in a public forum.” — Nick Caruso, Coordinating Producer

BUY NOW: $72/6-Pack

Le Bent Le Sock Outdoor Light Crew

“At the last Outdoor Retailer trade show, the Le Bent people forced me to try these socks on, and I am forever grateful for it. They are lightweight, warm, breathable and buttery, perfect for wearing with light hiking boots — or all by themselves.” — Steve Mazzucchi, Outdoors and Fitness Editor

BUY NOW: $22

Smartwool Ultra Light Hiking Crew Socks

“Though made for the backcountry, Smartwool’s Ultra Light Hiking Socks are right at home … well, at home. They have a small amount of cushion, while a mesh ventilation zone keeps things breezy and dry between the toes, and because they’re made with Merino wool, they never smell. Ever. I’ve accumulated probably 20 pairs over the last few years and always stock up when they’re on sale.” — Jack Seemer, Deputy Editor

BUY NOW: $18

Anonymous Ism 5-Color Mix Crew Sock

“When I used to work at J.Crew, we would carry these $24 made-in-Japan Anonymous Ism socks, and I couldn’t understand why someone would spend so much money on them. I caved one day and bought a pair, and I’ve been a fan ever since. This specific pair is thick and plush, which means I can only really wear them during the cooler months, and the marled yarn adds interest to what is normally a very boring piece of clothing.” — Tyler Chin, Editorial Associate, Editorial Operations

BUY NOW: $29

Uniqlo Slub Half Socks

“Uniqlo does basics very well, and that includes a simple pair of white socks. They hold up, too.” — Ryan Brower, Commerce Editor


Stance Icon Socks

“I’m kind of emerging out of my thick colorful sock phase after realizing that most days, I really prefer the way I look when just wearing a simple pair of white crew socks. The cheap ones are still a little thin for my taste, but Stance socks are the perfect thickness with just the right amount of accents and branding.” — Scott Ulrich, Editorial Associate, Editorial Operations

BUY NOW: $25/3-Pack

Vans Classic Crew Socks

“I’ve always been a guy who likes mid-length black socks. All-black shoes and black socks. It’s a uniform.” — Tucker Bowe, Senior Staff Writer

BUY NOW: $15

Stance Tucked In

“Stance got the naming right on this one — sticking your toes into its ultra-soft Butter Blend fabric is like sticking them into butter. Except, you know, not as strange.” Tanner Bowden, Staff Writer

BUY NOW: $20

Anonymous Ism Slub Crew Socks

“I’ll be honest: I don’t like wearing socks in my house in the warmer months. But, I will wear these great textured Japanese socks with sandals every time I walk the dog.” — John Zientek, Style Editor

BUY NOW: $25

Glerups The Slipper

“I’m not wearing socks too often at home unless I need to go out these days — but I also prefer not to walk around barefoot. These Glerups do the trick. And the leather bottoms actually patina nicely over time.” — AJ Powell, Senior Content Manager, Gear Patrol Studios

BUY NOW: $95

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