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6 Pairs of Lightweight Jeans You Can Wear All Summer Long

Summer-friendly renditions of the classic five-pocket pant.


As hot as summer gets, some people still won’t go out without wearing a pair of jeans. But diehard denimheads don’t have to suffer through the intense heat, baking in their blue jeans. There are plenty of stylish jeans out there catered toward keeping it cool all summer long. Emphasizing lighter-weight denim, these jeans shed the weight to make a for a breezier experience.

What's the Right Weight for Summer?

Typically, most garden-variety blue jeans will use denim that weighs about 12 to 16 ounces per square yard. Some serious jeans even push the limits and tip the scales well past that, packing on the ounces to the twenties. A few have even strived to make jeans using denim that weighs a full 32 ounces per square yard. That’s two pounds. For reference, that is quite literally like wearing a rug.

What Else to Look for

While some jeans go for denim below that 12-ounce threshold, others take into account additional factors like the weave of a denim as well as materials. If you want to keep extra cool, giving your legs some breathing room with a looser pair of jeans also helps. There are plenty of summer-friendly lightweight jeans on the market and here are our picks for the ones you should consider.

The Best Summer Jeans for Men

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Best Overall Summer Jeans
Bonobos All Season Jeans

Sometimes, you can can spot a stretchy jean from city blocks away. They're synthetic-looking, meaning they don't bend, break or ruffle like regular jeans. Bonobos' All Season Jeans, though, however stretchy they are, don't look like spray-on, synthetic denim. They're breathable, come in a bunch of believable washes and four fits, Slim Taper, Athletic, Slim and Tailored.

Best Upgrade Summer Jeans
Todd Snyder Slim Fit Lightweight Japanese Selvedge Jean

Made by beloved designer Todd Snyder, these Japanese Selvedge jeans are made on old-fashioned shuttle looms from ultra-light 11 oz denim. And although they're a charcoal color right now, regular wear will produce a patina that improves over time. Citing rigidity during first wear, the brand suggests sizing up for the best fit.

Best Budget Summer Jeans
Uniqlo Slim-Fit Jeans

Uniqlo regularly uses material technologies to improve their garments' breathability. These jeans, for example, are made with 98 percent cotton and 2 percent spandex, which lends stretch and keeps the fabric from sticking to your skin. These were also made with far less water than your regular jeans, making them better for summer and the planet.

Abercrombie & Fitch 90s Straight Jean

A straight-fitting silhouette can help keep you cool by lifting the fabric up off your skin, leaving room for you to breathe. But a lightweight, straight-fitting jean is even better — like Abercrombie & Fitch's 90s Straight Jean, a pre-washed, well-worn pair of jeans that are genuinely brand new.

American Eagle Airflex+ Relaxed Jeans

Remember what I said about jeans that just look stretchy? These are definitely one of those, but that's OK. Bust these out when you really want to wear jeans but it's sweltering outside. These are made with American Eagle's proprietary Airflex+ technology, a cocktail of fabrics like cotton, recycled polyester and spandex that help the jean breathe, keep its shape and give when you move.

L.L. Bean BeanFlex Jeans

These are L.L. Bean's year-round jeans. They'll wear as nicely in the dead of winter as they do the dead of summer, because they're neither too heavy nor too light. Plus, they come in a bunch of sizes: 30-44 in the waist and up to a 34 inch inseam.

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