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Stüssy's Air Max 2013 Is Nike's Best Collab of the Year

Stüssy's Air Max 2013 sneakers are relief from Nike's monotony of Travis Scott and Drake collabs.

stussy x nike shoe

On a recent episode of How Long Gone, a topic-less podcast hosted by internet personalities and occasional writers Chris Black and Jason Stewart, the latter decries the former for his choice of footwear. Black, a member of team Checks (aka Nike), rarely ever wears Adidas. But, as Stewart points out, he has been nearly non-stop since he bought four — yes, four — pairs of the latest Adidas x Wales Bonner Sambas.

Is he finally team Three Stripes (Adidas)? Well, yes — for now. But that's because "Nike ain't giving us no heat," he said on the show. "I don't know what to do." Right now, Nike's collaborative release calendar features high-end hiking footwear with Jacquemus, more sneakers with Travis Scott and a boring remix of the Air Force 1 by Champagne Papi (Drake).

To be fair, Black is right...but there's an exciting Nike collab just around the corner.

Available on August 5th at 1 PM EDT, Nike's multi-category collaboration with surf and skate brand Stüssy features relaxed-fit sweatpants, oversized crewneck sweatshirts, long- and sh0rt-sleeve T-shirts, windbreaker jackets, socks and three pairs of the Air Max 2013. The apparel and accessories are meant to match the sneakers, which come in three colors, Fossil, Black and Pink.

In true Air Max fashion, all three feature a shoe-length air pocket. On the Fossil pair, however, the bubble is concealed by a tonal outsole cover. Through Stüssy's lens, the Air Max 2013 looks new, even though it certainly isn't. If you scroll through listings for older versions of the sneaker, you'll bright Cobalt Blue and Hyper Red colorways, which look like something a youth baseball coach would wear to practice. Not bad, but nothing great.

These, however, are super nice. They're more than a popular sneaker stamped with both brands' logos. This is a deeper cut in Nike's catalog done super well. I'm not saying the Air Max 2013 will suddenly be the it shoe at large again, if it ever was in the first place, but these three are shoes folks will be talking about (and re-selling) long after release day. (They're going for $300 right now on StockX.)

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Stüssy Nike Air Max 2013 (Fossil)
Stüssy Nike Air Max 2013 (Pink)
Stüssy Nike Air Max 2013 (Black)
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