Elizabeth Grant Skin Care for Men

Women Know Men's Skin Too


Lately, this guy’s face has been a mess. Maybe it’s stress, or the wildly fluctuating winter temps, but, either way, my face has paid the price. It’s dry, tight, and irritated. Throw in my shaving requirements, and my face feels as if it was hit by a belt sander. Ugh. But I can report that I’m on the mend after a few weeks with Elizabeth Grant Skin Care for Men.

I know we hear all the time in reviews and commercials that the subject’s face was noticeably improved after (insert treatment here) was applied. After a while, it starts to lose it’s believability. The fact is, I take good care of my skin, so I wasn’t looking for it to vastly change with this product. What I can say is that it feels better. It feels fresh. It feels protected.

Elizabeth Grant offers both an After Shave Soothing Serum and an Anti-Aging Face Cream. I won’t get into the full list of ingredients, but I did want to touch on the inclusion of Torricelumn, which has been proven to increase hydration levels and is at the core of Elizabeth Grant’s line. For me, that was where these two products excelled. I noticed the viscosity right away. Both the After Shave Soothing Serum and an Anti-Aging Face Cream had a nice body that, when applied, seemed to saturated my skin while remaining near the surface. All too often products either soak in and are gone, whereas others seem to just sit on top of your skin. Elizabeth Grant’s line seemed to fill the space between.

I will concede that these products are a little on the higher end of the spectrum than those I usually enlist. Then again, some things are worth investing in. The question you have to answer is if your face is one of them.

Cost: $50 After Shave Soothing Serum | $60 Anti-Aging Face Cream

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