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Penhaligon’s Juniper Sling

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Smelling like a bottle of gin at one point was a bad thing in proper society. Now it seems the tides have changed for fans of the quintessential British spirit. Juniper Sling ($160) is a new fragrance from Penhaligon’s — a boutique brand that has held its own in the men’s grooming world across the pond for over a century. Inspired by the crisp and refreshing qualities of London Dry Gin, Juniper Sling is distinguished by full-bodied notes of black pepper, cardamom and soft leather, balanced by hints of cinnamon, orange brandy and black cherry. Splash some on for a quick jolt on your way to the office or save it for weekend impressions — but remember the tonic and lime belong in your glass and not on your shirt.

Editor’s Note: A product’s heritage can be embraced through many outlets. In the case of Juniper Sling, — it’s all in the bottle. The packaging may seem out of date compared to the, gaudy, “manly” looks of larger fragrance companies, but it’s the original bottle developed by William Penhaligon himself. Subtle and purposeful, we’ll take it any day over faux-iPods.

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