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Dollar Shave Club’s New Men’s Colognes Are Just $50 a Bottle

Blueprint, a new line of six men’s fragrances from Dollar Shave Club, was built with affordability and inclusivity in mind.


At this point, there’s precious little in the way of grooming products a guy can’t get from Dollar Shave Club. The brand makes everything from shaving gear to hand cream and even shower gel and toothpaste. And today, the line of spaces DSC doesn’t occupy got even shorter when it introduced its first line of colognes.

Named Blueprint, the line includes six fragrances: three fresh and three warm. Like many of Chanel’s first fragrances boast numbers instead of names, and they’re packaged with blueprint-style drawings of the buildings that align most closely with their spirits. Blueprint 203, an intimate blend of musk, vetiver and sandalwood, features a log cabin on its box and bottle; Blueprint 102, billed as a crisp and put-together combination of bergamot, lavender and white musk, has a brick townhouse. The 50ml bottles cost just $50, but you can get a sampler set of either the fresh or warm scents for $35.


The fragrances are part of a broader strategy that Dollar Shave Club has put in place to help guys address every grooming need they have. And soon, they’ll be able to reach them in person, instead of just on the internet. Adweek reported today that DSC will roll out vending machines at six high-traffic locations across the United States this year; you’ll find them dispensing TSA-friendly travel kits at places like LaGuardia Airport and the Mall of America in Bloomington, Minnesota.

“We view our automated retail machine as a large interactive billboard through which consumers can get introduced to their favorite products and increase awareness that we offer numerous grooming categories beyond shaving products,” said Nick Virginio, the brand’s senior brand development manager, in an interview with the publication.

But if you want to try the fragrances before you travel this holiday season, the best way is to, well, order them now.

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