Tretorn Strala Rain Boots

Life Beyond Galoshes


Not up for trudging those expensive leather shoes or boots you purchased through salt infused slush and rain this winter? There is life beyond galloshes and lucky for you it’s not pricey. Inspired by a Chelsea boot style (this author’s favorite type of boot), the Tretorn Strala boots are perfect for rain or snowwear for work and the weekend. Of course, it’s entirely waterproof with a gum rubber outsole and a sigh (of comfort) inducing soft boa lining and footbed. The climates you come across may not be like in our photo above (rain eerily similar to a spilled bottle of water), but take it from us, whether you wade puddles or street sludge, the Tretorn Strala rainboots guarantee comfort and dryness.

Cost: $60

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