Magnets Are Good for Your iPod. Who Knew?

Magnets Are Good for Your iPod. Who Knew?


Music is a great workout companion. Unlike your lazy friends, who won’t get up in the morning to workout with you, your iPod rarely lets you down. That’s more than I can say for that old, stretched out, dirty armband you’re using to strap on your Nano. If, however, you had an iStick you could forgo armband distractions altogether. Even if you prefer to go sans armband, precariously balancing your iPod on the equipment du jour is just asking for trouble.

The iStik utilizes eight high-tech Neodymium magnets to secure your 2nd or 3rd generation iPod Nano to your clothing with a vice-like grip. A 3-piece, light-weight, plastic shell encases your Nano providing easy access while training. Best of all, unlike your armband the iStik will never stretch-out or start to smell miserable.

What this means to you: Don’t spend your next training session fiddling with an armband. Affix an iStik and let your favorite tunes go to work.

Cost: 2nd Generation iPod Nano ($25) | 3rd Generation iPod Nano ($27) @ iStik

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