The Mobile Wi-Fi Solution that Gives You Free Data (Seriously)

The sharing economy has already transformed countless industries. Getting online is next.


In an era of convoluted data plans and fluctuating price schemes from major mobile carriers, the idea of using free, ultrafast 4G LTE data to hop online anywhere in the US sounds like a ploy. But that’s just one of the real ways Karma Go will change the way you think of connectivity forever.

The device itself costs just $149 to start. Data plans are equally clear. 1GB costs $14, with larger 5GB and 10GB plans costing $59 or $99. It’s as simple as that, and the data you purchase never expires. Ever. So where’s that free part we mentioned? Here’s how it works.

Use Your Karma Go

Fire up Karma Go in all the places where you always wished you could get online, but couldn’t before. Think: the train to work, the local coffee shop, the park. Since the Karma Go uses open wi-fi, anyone around you in search of a wi-fi connection can also connect to your Karma Go and get online.

There’s no need to worry about someone else using your paid data, or the security of your connection though. That’s because Karma Go insures every user is isolated and picks up their own tab by tying data usage to their individual account, not the device.

Your Karma Go dashboard also logs all of the people who have connected your device and can send you an email letting you know when someone new joins. There’s even the option to receive notifications in real time via the Android or iOS app.

New Members will Earn 100MB of Free Data

When someone connects to your Karma Go, they’ll be prompted to log in with their existing Karma account or create one as a new user before being authenticated by Karma’s system and allowed to get online. New users will earn 100MB of free data to just for joining.

And You’ll Earn 100MB of Free Data Too

As a bonus for your good deed of helping a new Karma customer get online, Karma will also give you a 100MB of free data — which, like the data you purchase, never expires. The handy mobile app will also keep track of the total amount of free data you’ve earned over time.

If it sounds easy, it’s because it is. Have more questions about sharing and earning free data? Check out their site for more information.

Buy Now: $149

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