This Week in Tech and Science: November 18, 2015

Fossil buys Misfit, Spotify offers concert recommendations, Amazon delivers takeout and more.


Fossil buys Misfit, Spotify offers concert recommendations, Amazon delivers takeout and more.

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Gogo Gets Faster

In-flight wi-fi is amazing, but oftentimes not as quick as we demanding folk would like. Gogo has provided a look at how its 2Ku tech will hasten things dramatically starting next year.

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Fossil Nabs Misfit

As Fossil looks to evolve into a world suddenly obsessed with smartwatches, it has acquired Misfit for $260 million.

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Spotify Concerts

Spotify knows what you listen to, and it’s using that information to dish out personalized concert recommendations. Now, if only it’d nuke Ticketmaster and its audacious fees.

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Amazon Delivers Food

Challenging GrubHub and Seamless, Amazon is now delivering cuisine to those in Los Angeles, with plans to expand to all Prime Now markets in the US.

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Gear Patrol Goes Analog

Reading on the web is great, but there’s something about the touch of a physical magazine. Issue One of our foray into the printed sphere is on sale now. Read Print

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On November 30, Beats Music will quietly fade into the background. In its place will be Apple Music, like it or not.

VR and AR won’t be a niche for much longer — Asus, of all companies, has now confirmed that it too will bring out a set of augmented-reality glasses in 2016.

Apple’s enormous iPad Pro went on sale this week. If you get one, be sure to avoid the baseline unit and its paltry 32G of storage.

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