This Week in Tech and Science: January 27, 2016

Facebook’s drones, Samsung’s virtual reality studio, GM’s Maven car sharing and more.


Facebook’s drones, Samsung’s virtual reality studio, GM’s Maven car sharing and more.

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VR Movie Studio Coming Soon


You didn’t think Samsung was going to sit back and let VR take over the world without it building a VR movie studio in New York, did you?

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Facebook’s Internet Drones


What’s as wide as a Boeing 737, can float for months, and has more antennas than a Radio Shack circa 1992? Facebook’s aerial wi-fi drone, which you should totally have a look at.

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Apple’s Virtual Reality Expert


As virtual reality accelerates in both popularity and potential, Apple’s hedging its bets by hiring Virginia Tech’s own Doug Bowman to handle VR innovation at the company.

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GM Launches Maven


GM is utterly destroying past notions of itself by launching Maven, a radical new car-sharing service that could very well alter the way we consider auto ownership over the next decade.

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FreedomPop Goes Global


The company known for near-free mobile service has made the international leap, offering a MiFi with dirt-cheap data that’ll work in 25 (and growing) countries.

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Reviews and Guides

Advice from the Crew

Smartpen Selection


Typing is so 2015. If you’re after a utensil that’ll let you doodle and draw your way to success, we’ve got the roundup you need to see. Read the Review

Productivity Apps Galore


There’s no time like the beginning of the year to consider what apps you’ve got on your home pane, and we’ve rounded up a selection that’ll help you be a lot more productive in the months ahead. Read the Review

Noteworthy Reads

Stories from Around the Web

Nielsen is adding Facebook discussions (and soon, Instagram murmurs) to its renamed “Social Content Rankings” for television shows.

Look out, ESPN. In a dramatically short period of time, Netflix has managed to amass 75 million subscribers — the kind of number that a 30-year-old TV channel would no doubt be envious of.

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