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7 Games for Your Morning Commute

Bring out the kid in you.


Over 55 percent of Americans play mobile games, according to a recent survey. And while there are numerous blockbuster games (you’ve heard of Angry Birds, yes?), the indie scene is filled with many more addicting and award-winning (see: IndieCade, BAFTA) games. From button-mashers to puzzle solvers, all of the below mobile apps are, subjectively, more fun than Candy Crush.


If you haven’t heard of Prune, now’s the time to get into it. It’s won all sorts of accolades; both Time and Apple both named it their Game of the Year for 2015. Play is simple: in each level a tree grows, rather quickly, and you have to prune the tree, by swiping its branches with your finger, so that it grows towards the light and around obstacles. Sound boring? It’s not. In fact, pruning trees can be quite addicting. Cost: $4


Dark Echo

“Explore a mysterious world through sound” — that’s Dark Echo‘s tagline. That said, hearing isn’t imperative to playing this game (though it helps). Instead, designers actually show the sounds you make, by way of vibrating lines that bounce off objects — sort of like a visualized echolocation. There are over 80 levels, each one mysterious and rather ominous, and you have navigate the world, solve puzzles and stay away from evil people sounds. Cost: $2



You probably haven’t played another game like _PRISM. At its core, it’s a puzzle game, pushing gamers to match patterns with geometric shapes. But it’s also a stress-free meditative experience. There’s no timer. And the game doesn’t punish you for getting it wrong. It’s beautiful, and it comes with an enchanting soundtrack. Cost: $3



Just released in February 2016, Abzorb has a little Ms. Pac-Man in it, requiring players to collect colorful orbs. Unlike the arcade game, however, this is a “tilt game,” wherein gamers have to tilt their iPhone in the direction they want their character to move. Cost: $3


Mr Jump

A hybrid of Flappy Bird and the T-Rex game when your Chrome internet connection dies, Mr Jump is a fast-paced linear game that forces gamers to dodge obstacles and beat levels. It’s simple, fun, yet sometimes infuriating. But it’ll take you back to your childhood, no doubt. Cost: Free



Here, screen watching is required. Dual! needs two people and two smartphones to play (so grab a train buddy). Opponents face each other, phone to phone, and each controls their own spaceship. There are numerous space objects each player will have to avoid by titling to move their spaceship, all while tapping on the screen and firing lasers at their opponent. In all, it’s like a hybrid of Pong and Galaga — just split between two players. Cost: Free



As a young boy in 8-bit pixel graphics, players make their way down into a well — don’t worry, Samara isn’t down there — and collect red gems. You can descend slowly and carefully, or fall at a stomach-in-mouth pace. And because you can purchase upgrades, such as gun boots (which you use to shoot enemies), the game doesn’t get repetitive.Cost: $3


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