Meet the “Most Extreme Speaker Ever Made”

One speaker. Zero distortion.


Today Devialet, the French audio company behind the 2015 CES-award-winning Phantom and the GP100-winning Silver Phantom compact speakers, announced their most powerful and precise-sounding audio product ever: the Gold Phantom. It’s the most high-end luxury speaker the company has ever created, matching or beating the Phantom and Silver Phantom in every audio category. It’s also finished in 22-karat rose gold.

The Gold Phantom is the same size (13.8 x 9.8 x 9.8 inches) as Devialet’s Phantom and Silver Phantom, and builds on the unmatched sound quality of its predecessors (Devialet’s Phantom has 88 patents that protect it). The Gold boasts an incredible 4,500 watts of power (compared with the Silver’s 3,000 watts) and a maximum volume of 108dB SPL (compared with the Silver’s 105 dB), all while producing audio with zero distortion, zero saturation and zero background noise that Devialet has become synonymous for.

Devialet Gold Phantom, Key Specs
Maximum volume: 108db SPL
Power: 4,500 watts
Total Harmonic Distortion: 0.0005 percent
Deep Bass: 14Hz
Titanium Tweeter: up to 27kHz
Finish: 22-karat rose gold
Price: $2,990

The secret is their Devialet-created ADH Intelligence technology. Standing for Analog Digital Hybrid amplification, all Phantom speakers, including the Gold Phantom, combine the precision of analog amps (class A) with the power and compact design of digital amps (class D). The Phantom speaker also has two of Devialet’s high-excursion bass drivers, which move in perfect symmetry (looking like a heart beat after an adrenaline shot) and create a visceral sound similar to soundstage speakers 20 times the unit’s size. Its spherical design also ensures that the audio is spread evenly in all directions.


For audiophiles, the Gold Phantom sets a gold standard for compact speakers. And it’s a portable and easy (if expensive) way to fill your home with true hi-fi. That said, the Gold Phantom is also designed to evolve with the times. Devialet promises that they’ll constantly improve the speaker’s software with free updates, integrating new music services over time (it currently works with most big-name music and video streaming services: WebRadio, Sirius XM, Netflix, Pandora, Spotify, YouTube). This little boom box won’t stop pumping out beats anytime soon.

Gold Phantom will be available at a retail price of $2,990, with pre-orders starting today on and shipping beginning on July 14, 2016.

Buy Now: $2,990

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