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7 Theft-Proof Travel Essentials

Criminals like to take advantage of unsuspecting tourists. But not you.


Where tourists go, thieves will follow. If you’re not careful with the expensive equipment you’re lugging around, and a thief spots an opportunity — an unattended bag, an unguarded wallet — they’ll pounce, and then your vacation is ruined. Traveler’s insurance can ease the pain of stolen gear, but not the inconvenience. Worry less and enjoy your vacation more with these anti-theft travel essentials.

Venturesafe X40 Plus by Pacsafe

Assuming that common thieves don’t carry around chainsaws or plasma cutters, this bag would take several painstaking hours to break into. The zippers are lined with slashproof steel wires, while the zipper pulls join together to accept a travel lock; concealed underneath the front panel of the bag is a lightweight steel grid similar to a chain-link fence; an anti-RFID scanner pocket holds passports and credit cards. It’ll hold a whole family of expensive gadgetry, and at 40 liters, it meets most airlines’ carry-on requirements.

Buy Now: $250

Travel Wallet RFID by Bellroy

Your passports and credit cards have RFID chips that contain highly sensitive personal data, and any criminal with the right know-how and tools can download that data from ten feet away — but not it you have them stashed in an RFID-blocking wallet. Bellroy’s Travel Wallet does just that, and holds up to 10 credit cards, a passport, a thick stack of currency and tickets, and it comes with a small pen.

Buy Now: $125


If your phone is stolen, Lookout will take a covert selfie of the supposed thief and send it to you. It also tracks your phone’s location in real time, which makes it easy to retrace your steps or hunt down whoever stole it.

Buy Now: FREE

Carrysafe 100 Camera Strap by Pacsafe

Having your DSLR camera slung around your shoulder doesn’t automatically make it safe. All it takes is a quick slash from a knife, and someone’ll be off with days’ worth (and potentially thousands of dollars’ worth) of memories. A strap with a concealed steel wire ensures this will not happen.

Buy Now: $30

Camsafe V3 Camera Bag by Pacsafe

The same anti-theft technology of the aforementioned Pacsafe Venturesafe backpack, condensed down to fit one large DSLR camera, a medium-sized lens and several RFID-protected SD cards.

Buy Now: $70


Strap it on to any of your belongings and you can track their location through your phone or computer, no matter where they are in the world.

Buy Now: $100

Luggage Lock by Lewis N. Clark (4-Pack)

All it takes is a few seconds for unattended bags to be zipped open and emptied. A simple luggage lock would take hours to break; for you, all it takes is three-digit combination — well worth the mild inconvenience.

Buy Now: $27

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