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The iPhone 12 May Come with an Upgrade of Its Most Essential Accessory

Chargers and earbuds are probably out, but a better Lightning cable may be in.

apple iphone cable

If the rumors are true -- and given their persistence they probably are -- the iPhone 12 will be the first Apple handset to not come with EarPods or a wall charger in the box. If that's troubling to you, there may be some consolation: it looks like the pack-in Lightning cable could be in for an upgrade.

According to Twitter leaker @l0vetodream, the iPhone 12 pack-in Lighting cable will have a braided construction, as opposed to the standard design that you likely know tends to disintegrate and fray after a while.

For those of us who already have plenty of wall chargers hanging around from previous iPhones or other gadgets -- or primarily use third party chargers or USB hubs for juice -- this is actually a pretty solid swap. Apple is replacing an accessory you likely don't need with a more durable version of the one that has a tendency to break.

Of course the missing EarPods might still sting, but a braided cable would make Apple's cost-saving measure that will push users towards purchases of AirPods and power chargers go down a little bit easier. And if you just can't wait, you can always buy braided cable to have around in the meantime.


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