Audible's New Subscription Service Is a Pretty Sweet Deal

Amazon is making some notable changes to the subscription plans of Audible, its audiobook and podcast service. Most importantly, it's adding a new cheap plan.

audible unlimited

Audible is launching a new subscription plan called Audible Plus, which costs $8 a month and gets subscribers access to the exclusive podcasts and audio services that were previously only be available to higher-paying subscribers of its Gold and Premium plans.

These include an upcoming NBA podcast on Michael Jordan's legacy with the Chicago Bulls and its lasting impact, along with various audio narratives with celebrities like Michael Cain and Josh Gad.

The all-you-can-stream plan contrasts with Audible's new "Audible Premium Plus" plan, which takes the place of its former Gold and Premium plans. This $15/month subscription functions using Audible's credit system, which gives subscribers monthly credits which can be used towards the purchase of audiobooks which have a price in credits in addition to a price in dollars. Most audiobooks cost one credit, but some can cost more. If you don't have credits, an audiobook on Audible usually costs about $15.

It's a slightly unintuitive system, predating and unlike most contemporary streaming services. And that's what makes the new Audible Plus compelling for its owner, Amazon, and potential listeners alike: it's a cheaper way in that's simpler to understand.

There is a free trial of Audible Premium Plus that you can sign up for right now. It's a 30-free trial that gets you one credit (two if you're a Prime member as well) and access to ad-free listening of its full catalog of podcasts, audiobooks and other content.

New subscribers will be able to sign up to Audible Plus on August 27.

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