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How to Change Your iPhone's Default Email App Back to Gmail

iOS 14 likely reset the default email app on your iPhone back to Mail. If you want to switch it back to Gmail, here's how.

iphone mail settings

Apple recently rolled out iOS 14 which gave iPhones a bunch of new features like widgets, iMessage threads and a new App Library. It also did something a little unexpected: it reverted the default email app back to Apple's own Mail app. It also reverted the default web browsing app back to Safari.

This appears to be a bug, but it obviously inconvenienced a lot of people who used a third-party email apps like Gmail. Fortunately there's an pretty easy fix for both.

How to set Gmail as your iPhone's default email app.

• Open the Settings app.

• Scroll down and select the Gmail tab (or tab of your preferred third-party email app).

• Select "Default Mail App."

• Make sure Gmail is selected, not Mail.

How to set Chrome as your iPhone's default web browsing app.

• Open the Settings app.

• Scroll down and select the Chrome tab.

• Select "Default Browser App."

• Make sure Gmail is selected as your default mail.

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