Razer Onza

Slice through competition


Motion gamers: Shake, rattle and roll to your hearts content–but most still rely on the analog controller as their weapon of choice. Microsoft recently released an updated version of the 360 controller–now with a less blister inducing D-pad, but it’s Razer that has upped the stakes in the quest for the perfect console controller. Available for pre-order today, the Razer Onza ($40) comes in both a Standard and Tournament Editions with enough tweaks to satisfy every level of gamer. The Tournament Edition features adjustable resistance analog sticks allowing for more precise control, so there’s no chance it will get lost in the heat of battle. Both editions come with multi-function buttons located on the shoulders of the controller letting you map any action to that button, resulting in quicker response times. A crucial feature for those prone to screaming “I hit the button, I KNOW I hit the button!”.

Buy Now: $40 (Pre-orders start January 17)

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