This New Product from Arcwave Is Redefining Its Product Category

Arcwave's Ion is a well-designed men's sex toy that's the first of its kind.

With a tech-forward and design-oriented approach, the Arcwave Ion is a sex toy that changes the game when it comes to intimacy and self-love. It's packed with features that set it far beyond its competition, like Pleasure Air™ — a powerful new type of stimulation based entirely on changes in air pressure. Pleasure Air targets highly sensitive nerve endings (like the Pacinian pleasure receptors) that its competitors can't. It's also completely silent thanks to its Smart Silence™ tech, which automatically starts and stops stimulation when it senses skin contact. Plus, it's sleek enough not to stand out on your bedside table and easy to clean — simply twist it apart and rinse with water. Then to dry it and charge it, place it back on the discreet base. The Arcwave Ion is the first product on the market to offer this completely new type of sensation — and it does so without disrupting your carefully curated side table.

Price: $199


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