Blood Brothers Mixtapes

The ultimate 80's action movie mix tape you've been missing


The Blood Bros. are, for lack of a better description, an awesome DJ duo with an awesome goal: creating mix tapes compiled from the best 80’s action movie songs. A quick listen to the first few minutes of each track (after the jump) on their two mixes will have you running in gym sweats or bench pressing logs faster than you can say “Adriaann!”. The duo’s original mix First Blood followed-up with Heaven2Hell stretch out for 40 and 45 minutes of pure work-out-montage perfection. Each compilation is also choreographed to follow the plot of a classic good guy triumphs over the bad guy flick, so the opening tunes are all about training, which then transitions to the fight, and finally the glorious thrill of victory. Classics like Eye of the Tiger and Joe Episito’s You’re the Best Around from the Karate Kid are included along with plenty of other gems. Hit the tracks after the jump.

BLOOD BROS SERIES by maddecent

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