Tivoli Audio Cappellini Model One Radio

Tuned up tuner


Collaborating with Cappellini, one of Italy’s top high-end furniture designers, Tivoli Audio has cranked up the design aesthetic of its iconic Model One Radio. Finished with a seven-layer high-gloss lacquer that’s available in three colors along with a silver Cappellini-embossed speaker grille, the Tivoli Audio Cappellini Model One Radio ($290) takes on an entirely new feeling — far from the warm, rich wood tones of the standard Model One. Otherwise, the same great Tivoli Model One features are present and accounted for, including robust monaural sound from the signature 3″ full-range speaker, furniture-grade cabinet, 5:1 ratio analog tuning dial, Henry Kloss tuner and the requisite input/output ports. AM Radio never looked so good.

Buy Now: $290

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