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You Don't Need to Buy a New Apple TV to Get Its Best Feature

The redesigned Apple TV Remote is available for purchase on its own.


Apple just announced a new Apple TV 4K at its spring event. The new model, which has a faster processor, higher frame-rate HDR, and new iPhone-powered color calibration capabilities, starts at $179. But you can also buy its best feature all by itself: the new remote, which is available for pre-order starting today.

Siri Remote

New apple.com

The previous Apple TV remote was much maligned for its ergonomics. Particularly, it caught lots of criticism for its finicky touchpad and design which made it borderline impossible to upside-down from right-side up by feel -- important in a dark room!

The new remote, which is available for $59 on its own, sports a touchpad with physical elements for feeling your way around, as well as a side-mounted Siri button. All in a design that has a clear right-side up.

For Apple TV owners who are looking for an upgrade, the lone remote might be the best bet. While the Apple TV 4K's improved processor may make a difference for gaming and other high-intensity uses, last generation's should suit most watchers just fine. And with a new remote, it will be all the easier to use.

Price: $59


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