You Need These Smart Batteries on Your Summer Packing List

The AAA USB Rechargeable Smart Batteries from Pale Blue Earth are a must-have accessory for summer.

pale blue earth rechargeable aaa batteries
Pale Blue Earth

After a long day out on the trail, not only do you need to rest and recharge but so does your gear. With Pale Blue Earth's AAA USB Rechargeable Smart Batteries, your gear will be back up and running long before you are. These rechargeable batteries are good for over 1,000 charge cycles and are fully recharged in under two hours — so you can spend more time exploring outside and less time sitting by a power outlet watching the charge status of your batteries. Speaking of battery indicators, Pale Blue Earth's batteries come with built-in LED charging indicator lights, so you'll always know when you're fully charged and ready to get back out there. Best of all, to charge them simply plug any micro USB cable directly into the battery — it's as simple as that.

Price: $25 (four-pack)


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