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3 Great Wireless Keyboards for Your Desktop

Fast and reliable, a wire-free life will lead to a more productive workspace.


We’re living in a golden age of wireless keyboards. In the past few months, Microsoft and Apple have both released much needed upgrades on their previous wireless keyboards. And other third-party manufacturers are making minimalist, ergonomic and reliable alternatives to choose from as well. As we strive towards a more a productive, clutter-free and adaptive workspace, wireless keyboards are the future. Here are our favorites of 2017.

Microsoft Modern Keyboard

If you own a PC: Microsoft released its latest wireless keyboard in summer 2017. It’s almost identical to the company’s previous wireless keyboard, the Surface Keyboard ($100), but packs a hidden fingerprint reader located between the Alt and Ctrl keys. The extra security feature is a neat touch, especially for those super protective of their keyboards. Another difference: Unlike the older Surface Keyboard, the Modern keyboard can also work as a wired keyboard. It works with both Windows 10 devices and MacOS devices.

Buy Now: $130

Magic Keyboard with Numeric Keypad

If you own a Mac: In 2017 Apple finally upgraded its wireless keyboard, the Magic Keyboard, by making it bigger and better. As the name suggests, the Magic Keyboard with Numeric Keypad adds a number pad, but it also adds more functions keys, up/down page buttons, as well giving the four navigation arrows more space (instead of hiding the shift key). Additionally, the keyboard charges via the Lightning cable you already own.

Learn More: Here

Logitech MK850

Best Universal System: You can find cheaper wireless mouse and keyboard combos (Logitech even makes a few others), but the MK850 is the best performer. The keys are spaced 19mm apart from each other — relatively wide — to make it feel more like a full desktop keyboard. Typing doesn’t have same rich feel you get with Logitech’s premium gaming keyboards, but the keys are nowhere near as shallow as the above Apple and Microsoft options. The keyboard can pair with three devices for those who want to jump from desktop, laptop to tablet. It also works with Mac or PC.

Buy Now: $80

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