LifeProof iPhone Case

Because you need proofing from your life


Are you the guy that drops his iPhone every time he turns a corner, and then manages to kick it into a puddle foul of dirty rain water? Are you the guy that can’t even muster up a lousy layup, but when it comes to landing iPhones into beer mugs, you might as well be Larry Bird? Or Maybe you’re just Mike Rowe reading this post while standing in 3 feet of farm sewage. If so, then that puny bumper your iPrecious is wrapped in sure isn’t going to do you any good. The LifeProof iPhone Case ($70), however, has all four proofs: water, shock, dirt and snow, down pat. With an unobtrusive, fully-sealed form (think: ruggedized version of Apple’s bumper) the case adds just 1.5mm of depth to the slim iPhone profile and is designed to military specifications against shock, water and dust. The LifeProof case even has 2 meter water resistance (or, the shower), double AR-coated optical glass and soon, an optional waterproof headphone adapter. Maybe now you can manage to actually get two years of life from your phone between replacements.

Buy Now: $70 (pre-order)

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