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This New GoPro Feature Automatically Edits Your Videos and Makes Sharing Even Easier

Works on GoPro Hero5 cameras.


If you own a GoPro Hero5, Black ($399) or Session ($299), there’s a new feature in its GoPro app that makes it easier to share content — specifically short videos. Called QuikStories, the new feature pulls footage from your Hero5 camera and automatically creates videos with music, edits and filters. To use QuikStories, simply pair your phone and camera after shooting, launch the app, pull down on the home screen, and watch it work its magic.

If you don’t like the final cut, you can make edits, reorder the clips, change the music and add text. Afterward, you can share the video to a number of social media networks, like Instagram and Facebook, while still inside the GoPro app. The QuikStories feature is simple, seamless and if you’re not into, simply ignore it. The feature won’t help you edit your 15-minute adventure tales, but if you want to keep yourself on social media’s pulse, it’s a simple and easy way to get your videos out there.

To play around with QuikStories, simply download the the latest version of the GoPro app from the Apple App Store (here) or Google Play (here).

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