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This Trick Makes iCloud+ Pay for Itself

Apple's disposable email addresses are good for more than just keeping spammers at bay.

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With iOS 15, Apple is rolling out its handy Hide My Email feature to millions of iPhone owners, a service which automatically creates unique email addresses that forward to your main inbox, so you can get emails without having to give out your real address.

It's designed to protect you from information harvesting but as one Redditor has realized (and graciously shared): it's also a gateway to extra new-customer trials and discounts.

Because Hide My Email generates a random Apple address, using the feature to make new accounts on websites where you already have one can result in a particularly useful combination of factors: a new member discount + emails that still come to your normal inbox.

There are a few catches. First, some services may be able to tell you aren't a new customer based on your payment information, or may (understandably) stop offering these discounts to these types of email addresses. Second, Hide My Email requires iCloud+, which isn't free. But the lowest iCloud+ tier costs just $1 a month in the United States, enough that a couple new member discounts can almost certainly cover the cost.

Is this the intended use of this feature? Of course not! Will retailers start putting checks in place to prevent this kind of … advanced couponing? Quite possibly! But that's bound to happen no matter what you do. Is it something you wanna do? That's up to you, but it can certainly save you a buck or two.

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