Karma’s New Wi-Fi Hotspot Is a Security Specialist

It’s a “specialized version” of the original Karma Go hotspot.


The Karma Go is one of our favorite portable wi-fi hotspots. The advantage of this pocketable device is that users can pay via monthly payments or pay-as-they-go data plans. Basically, consumers have options. Now, the company just announced a specialized version of its wi-fi hotspot called Karma Black, which is focused toward secure browsing.

According to the company’s press release, Karma Black “will provide anonymous browsing (Tor), integrated Virtual Private Network (VPN), black listing and ad blocking on our new Karma connected device.” So if you’re worried about your web browser caching your data and tracking your activity, you can rest easy.

Karma says that existing Karma Go customers will be able to upgrade to Karma Black via a hardware upgrade program, though details about this program have yet to be announced. The Karma Black will be available September 2017.

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