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5 Essential Cases for iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus

Which case is right for you?


The iPhone X stole the show at Apple’s keynote this year, but the iPhone 8 and the iPhone 8 Plus are the smartphones most people will buy. For starters, there will be more of them; when the iPhone X starts shipping in early November it’s expected to be in such limited supply that you’d think Nintendo was making them. But there’s the cost factor, too. Yet the real reason you will opt for the iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus is that they’ll feel familiar. No need to learn how to use an iPhone without Touch ID.

The next step is what kind of case you’ll be needing. Admittedly, putting a case on your new iPhone can be a little like sheltering a Aston Martin in a garage — it’s safe and all, but why cover up something that’s meant to be shown off? The iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus live in a glass house, unfortunately, so even though they’re more durable than before, they still need protection.

The good news is that the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus are the same size and shape as the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, respectively, so you’re old case will fit your new phone — if you want it. If you don’t, you’ve got a ton of new options. We’ve rounded up our favorite iPhone 8 and 8 Plus cases, broken down by the type of case you need.

If you’re somebody you just refuses to put a case on your new iPhone, we suggest at least putting a scratch resistant membrane over the display. InvisibleShield makes screen protectors for both the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus and, if applied correctly, you literally won’t be able to tell its there. It makes the display stronger (up to 9X) and doesn’t negatively affect image quality.

Mophie Juice Pack Air

Who Should Buy These: Power iPhone users who always run out of battery.

Overview: The Mophie Juice Pack Air is a solid iPhone case for power users. With a 2,420mAh capacity, it effectively doubles the battery life of your iPhone 8 (1,821 mAh) and iPhone 8 Plus (2,675 mAh). It’s compatible with any Qi wireless charger, so you won’t have to take off the case to get the benefits of wireless of charging. It also can wireless charge with any of Mophie’s ecosyostem of Charge Force accessories — it makes car mounts, charging docks and portable powerbanks.

More than just an extra battery, the Mophie Juice Pack Air also protects. Its rubber pads are built into its frame to shield your iPhone when it falls. Its raised corners guard against cracked screens. Other nice features include an LED-lit power indicator and a relatively low-profile design . Also, it has a speaker port over the iPhone’s front-facing bottom speaker, which Mophie claims will actually amplify sound as it comes out of the iPhone.

Weight: 3.64 ounces
Key features: 2,420mAh battery capacity, LED indicator lights

iPhone 8: $100iPhone 8 Plus: $100

Nomad Leather Folio

Who Should Buy These: Users who treat their iPhone as their wallet.

Overview: The Leather Folio by Nomad is handsome, functional and rugged. Its made of vegetable-tanned Horween leather that will patina over time, and it acts as minimalist wallet that can hold a number of cards plus cash. Inside the wallet is lined with soft-to-the-touch microfiber. Your iPhone is fixed in a rigid polycarbonate frame to prevent it from moving and to guard it from drops.

If you’re shopping for a minimalist wallet, you probably won’t find one, especially a nice leather one, for less than $50. This kills two birds with one stone by also being a phone case. Additionally, the Leather Folio is compatible with any Qi or Apple AirPower wireless charger, so you don’t have to worry about taking your iPhone out of the case.

Weight: 4 ounces
Key features: Horween leather, USA-made, 3 credit card slots, 1 cash pocket

iPhone 8: $50iPhone 8 Plus: $50

Otterbox Defender

Who Should Buy These: Those who constantly crack their iPhones.

Overview: Otterbox is well-known for its hardy cases that will protect a smartphone from just about anything, and this Defender is no different. Its three layers of protection include a polycarbonate shell, rubber lining and clear screen protection, meaning it minimizes damage from drops, dirt and scratches. It’s not waterproof, however, but you won’t have to worry about that now that the iPhone 8 (and 7, for that matter) has IP67 water resistance rating.

The Defender has a clip that can be secured to a belt loop or a backpack. It can also be used to prop up the phone, sort of like a kickstand, in case you want to set the iPhone down and watch a show on Netflix. And for those who need options, you can get the Defender in a number of different color combos, including black, white, blue, green and gray.

Weight: 5.8 ounces
Key features: 3-layer drop and scratch protection, holster

iPhone 8: $50iPhone 8 Plus: $70

Totallee The Scarf

Who Should Buy These: Users who don’t want a case.

Overview: It seems like a paradox to get a phone case that’s designed to feel like your phone isn’t wearing a case, but The Scarf manages to do just that. Tatallee makes the thinnest and lightest iPhone cases you can buy. They fit like a glove — a super-tight glove — and come in a variety of colors, including white, black, blue, green and gray.

Despite its thinness, the case still protects the iPhone from scratches, and it also adds extra protection around the camera bump. It’s made of polypropylene, but if you pay a little more, you can get a leather versions of the same cases for $29. Each comes with a two-year warranty, so if you break yours, Totallee will send you a replacement for free. If you’re the type of person who already has trouble fitting the iPhone into your skinny jeans, this is the case you probably want.

Weight: 0.1 ounces
Key features: polypropylene, super thin

iPhone 8: $19iPhone 8 Plus: $19

Apple Leather Case

Who Should Buy These: Those who want Apple to choose the case for them.

Overview: Apple’s leather case is available in a variety of colors and won’t affect the “pocketability” of your new iPhone — it’s very thin. The natural leather will patina over time, so hopefully you like that worn look. Inside, each case is lined with microfiber, which adds an extra, albeit slim, layer of protection. Its button keys are metal (machined aluminum, to be exact) and arguably easier to press. The case is also compatible with all Qi wireless chargers.

Many Apple loyalists opt for Apple products because they trust the brand. If you’re one of them, who just wants to distinguish your iPhone while protecting the back glass from scratching, this is the easy option. You can order it at the exact same time as you order your iPhone. Also, if you don’t like leather or don’t want to spend $45, Apple offers $35 silicone cases in all the same colors.

Weight: 1 ounces
Key features: leather, microfiber lining, metal buttons

iPhone 8: $45iPhone 8 Plus: $49

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