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How to Use Your iPhone to Turn Off Your Partner's Alarm

A Reddit user uncovered a hack that allows you to turn off your partner's alarm with your own iPhone.


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If you're tired of having to wait for your partner to turn off their iPhone's alarm in the morning, you're in luck. That's because Reddit user u/smurfses just discovered a hack that lets you turn it off from your own iPhone. And it's easy.

All you have to do use a "Hey Siri" voice command on your iPhone and ask it to turn off the alarm from [the person's name] iPhone. Siri will then ask you to confirm that you want to stop the alarm, and then you simply respond "Yes." Alternately, you can select the "yes" option that pops up on your iPhone.

In fact, you don't technically even have to have an iPhone in order to make this work. You can also do this little trick from any Siri-enabled device, such as a HomePod, iPad or an Apple Watch.

There are two big caveats to this little alarm hack, however.

First, whoever the person whose alarm you're trying turn off has to have an iPhone on the same Family Sharing group as your iPhone. Family Sharing, in case you're unfamiliar, is a feature that links up to six family members' Apple IDs and gives them access to all the same content — be it their iTunes libraries, iCloud storage plans, and their family plan subscription to Apple Music.

And second, you and the person whose iPhone you're trying to silence both need to be connected to the same Wi-Fi network. If either your or the other person's iPhones aren't connected to Wi-Fi, you're stiffed. That said, considering most of us are likely linked to the same Wi-Fi network as anyone else who happens to live in our house, this shouldn't present too much of an issue in real life — and giving you a way to silence a close relation's annoying alarm without having to explain to them how their iPhone wound up being somehow thrown into the woods.

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