Apple Could Be Working on Its First Dual-Monitor Setup

Apple just received a patent for a "Dual Display Stand." Here's what you need to know.

woman working on dual monitors

It looks like Apple is working on a special stand designed specifically for creating a dual monitor setup. It recently won a patent for a "Dual Display Stand" — which was first spotted this week by Patently Apple (and then picked up by MacRumors) — that's designed to hold either two of its Studio Displays or two of Pro Display XDRs side by side.

According to the patent — which you can check out on Patently Apple (including images)the stand consists of two legs connected by a horizontal support bar. It looks set to work similarly to the optional stands that Apple sells with the Studio Monitor and Pro Display XDR, meaning it will be height and tilt adjustable. There's also a joint on the horizontal support bar, which could allow you have both monitors angled at one another instead of just flush side-by-side.

There's not a ton of other information to go on right now — and no, there's no timetable on its release, if it even gets there — but one thing's for sure: when the Dual Display Stand does get released, you can expect it to be pretty pricey.

Apple currently sells the Pro Stand for the Pro Display XDR for $999 and a similar stand for the Studio Display as a $400 add-on. If the the Dual Display Stand does get released, we're speculating that it will likely cost well over a grand...and probably closer to two grand.

Since the Pro Display XDR (32" screen) and Studio Monitor (27" screen) are different sizes, Apple will likely sell two different sized Dual Display Stands to house either two Studio Displays or two Pro Display XDRs.


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