Tesla Just Made the Wireless Phone Charger That Apple Couldn't

Taking design cues from the highly anticipated Cybertruck, Tesla introduces a premium entry to the wireless-charger category.

tesla wireless charging platform

Better late than never. Apple never got around to releasing its highly anticipated AirPower — an oval-shaped wireless charging pad first announced all the way back in 2017 — so Tesla made its own.

The EV company's newly announced Wireless Charging Platform can charge up to three devices at once, providing up to 15 watts of power to each one. As noted by 9to5Mac, a video on Tesla's website shows that the device has 30 tightly wound coils underneath the charging station, a design closely resembling that of the never-released AirPower.

These days, wireless chargers are a dime a dozen, but Tesla's take can boast something unique to its design aesthetic. According to the company, the Wireless Charging Platform was "inspired by the angular design and metallic styling of Cybertruck," with a geometric aluminum housing that matches the hard-edged angles of the long-awaited EV truck, which is expected to start production sometime in mid 2023.

tesla wireless charging platform
Tesla’s charging pad is lined with Alcantara, a synthetic suede-like fabric found throughout its EVs.

Conveniently, Tesla's charging pad will also ship with a detachable magnetic stand that lets users adjust the viewing angle of a smartphone on top of it. It's also lined with Alcantara, a suede-like synthetic fabric found throughout the carmaker's vehicles. While the charging pad isn't compatible with MagSafe, Tesla says that users can place devices like smartphones and wireless earbuds anywhere on the surface "without precise alignment."

Tesla has certainly positioned the Wireless Charging Platform as premium entry to the wireless-charger category with a price tag to match. It will cost $300 at launch, which is considerably more expensive than even some of the pricer options on our long list of favorites.

And even if price isn't a barrier to entry, the charging pad is currently only available for pre-order. Tesla's Wireless Charging Platform is scheduled to ship in February next year — assuming no significant production delays.


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