There's an App for That Too


When you were a young boy, you could eat eight hot dogs at dinner, sleep two hours, run around for 12 hours without stopping, break your arm and heal in about fifteen minutes. As we mature that changes, and we are introduced to words like metabolism, prostate, ROTH IRA and hypertension. And in this culture of poor diets, long hours at work and not enough sleep, our blood pressure is like Cliff’s Notes to understanding our health. The iHealth is a small battery powered unit that has an armband and a dock for your iPad, iPhone or iPod. After downloading the BP3 app, you simply put your arm in the cuff and hit start. It graphs, records and logs blood pressure and heart rate for multiple users. Simple to use, easy to read, ready to go right out of the box. Email your results to your micro managing doctor or overprotective loved ones. It won’t help you with those extra hours of sleep you need– but at least you’ll know your health…and knowing is half the battle.

Editor’s Note: Not a fan of buying online? The iHealth will be available at Best Buy, and Target later this year.

Buy Now: $99

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