This App Makes Transferring Files Between Your Mac and Smartphone Easy

No Bluetooth connection or any USB cable required.


Transfering files, especially large files, from your Mac to your iPhone or iPad can be a pain the ass. AirDrop can be slow and sometimes unreliable. There are other methods that use Bluetooth, which are useful if you’re using a non-Apple Device, but those can also be slow and/or problematic, too. Sally is a new Mac app that aims to solve those issues.

Sally doesn’t use Bluetooth or any USB cables. Nor does it require you to use/download a smartphone app. Instead, you just drag and drop your file in the app, and scan a QR code with your iPhone or Android device. File transferred. It’s supposed to be fast and secure, and pretty much seamless. If you’re down to give it a try, Sally offers a 7-day free trial period. Or you can just buy the app straight-up for $10.

Learn More: Here

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