Apple 2018 iPhone Event: All of Today’s Biggest Product Announcements

Get the lowdown on today’s biggest product reveals, including the iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max, iPhone XR and the Apple Watch Series 4.

Eric Yang

In case you were living under a rock, or maybe just not on Twitter, today was iPhone Day! Yes, Apple revealed all its latest gadgets that’ll come out this year, headlined by two new iPhones that are available in gold: the iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max. They was also a cheaper iPhone, the iPhone XR, which comes in more fun colors yet still doesn’t skimp on the specs. And the Apple Watch Series 4 was the other big reveal, which for the first time in forever looks a little different.

A lot of today’s event was characterized by what wasn’t announced, admittedly, as many journalists and Apple fans were hoping for new AirPods, iPads or even a new Mac Mini – but mum’s the word on that stuff. There wasn’t any word about Apple’s AirPower wireless charging mat, either. But in case you missed any of the big news, we’ve rounded it up all below.

Editor’s Note: We were at today’s Apple event in Cupertino, so be sure to check out our Instagram (@gearpatrol) for up-close-and-personal shots of the newest devices!

The iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max Come In Gold. Yes, Gold.

The iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max are Apple’s two new flagship iPhones. Both improve on last year’s iPhone X in pretty much every way – they’re “the most advanced iPhone ever.” And for the first time, both models are available in gold. Yes, gold.

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The iPhone XR Is the Most Affordable “New” iPhone You Can Buy

The iPhone XR comes in way more color options than the iPhone Xs and Xs Max, even if it does lack some of the flagship tech. And because of its low cost, it’ll probably be the most practical iPhone for a lot of people. Here’s everything else you need to know about the iPhone XR.

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The Series 4 Is An Apple Watch That Actually Looks Different

For the first time in since the Apple Watch’s conception, it looks a little different – and that’s primarily thanks to the Series 4’s bigger screen and curved edges. It looks sleeker, even if it’s not a radical redesign. However, the thing I’m most excited about is the new crown dial, which now has haptic feedback.

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Which Sneakers Was Tim Cook Wearing Today?

Of course we were watching what kind of shoes that Tim Cook was rocking. The pair of all-white Nike Epic Reacts were a health nut’s choice, and we’d be willing to bet he has more than one pair. What more details? Read on.

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The Apple Watch Series 4 From a Watch Guy’s Perspective

A snobby mechanical wax guy weighs in on what the newest iteration of the Apple Watch means for his nerdy brethren.

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Apple Finally Revealed the Spiritual Successor to One of My Favorite Gadgets Ever

Here’s why the new iPhone Max Xs is more than just a better iPhone Plus.

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