The New ‘iPad Pro X’ Will Be All-Screen and No Notch

Many of the best iPhone XS features could come over to the new iPad Pros, which are expected to be announced next week.


Apple is having another big hardware event on October 30th, in Brooklyn, and this time around it won’t be talking about the new iPhone or Apple Watch. Apple could announce a new MacBook Air, a new Mac mini (it’s been a while), maybe a smaller HomePod and even those sweat-resistant AirPods that keep making headlines – but this time around all the hype will be around the iPad Pro, which is supposedly getting a complete redesign.

Up until now, the iPad and iPad Pro have looked essentially identical (aside from size, of course). That aims to charge with the new iPad Pro – rumored to be called the “iPad Pro X” – as it’s supposed to steal a lot of the features from the iPhone XS. First, that means keeping the same form factor of the 10.5- and 12.9-inch iPad Pros, but shrinking the bezels so that there’s more screen. There won’t be a home button, so the new iPad Pros will use the same set of swipe features as the iPhone XS. And it’ll take advantage of Face ID, despite not having a notch. That’s right, no notch, so you can expect even more screen area to play with.

The big screen, Face ID and no notch are really the big things that we’re expecting to see with the iPad Pro X, but there will be other hardware differences to the previous iPads and iPad Pros. The new models are expected to charge via USB-C, just like a MacBook Pro (no word on wireless charging, though). The inclusion of the USB-C port also means that these new iPad Pros will be able to output 4K HDR video, meaning creatives will be able to hook it up to their 4K monitors, which is a big plus. A redesigned Apple Pencil is also expected to charge via USB-C rather than Lightnight, too.

For those interested in checking out how the iPad Pro X might look, BGR published some renderings discovered by YouTuber Waqar Khan.

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